North Star Science Event Set to Return to South Yorkshire

One of South Yorkshire’s most important science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) events will return to Gulliver’s Valley Theme Park in Rotherham on 23 November, to inspire the next generation to consider the fascinating range of careers in STEAM subjects. 

Organisers of North Star Science School, The Work-wise Foundation, has over 650 pupils aged 12-14 years, registered for the event, which is now in its third year and is supported by  Professor Brian Cox who will open the event virtually and give an inspiring talk about the wonders of the universe. 

The event is part of the Science Summer School national initiative co-founded in 2012 by Professor Brian Cox CBE and Lord Andrew Mawson OBE, with the aim of making the UK the best place in the world to do science and engineering. It is presented in partnership with Well North Enterprises, a social enterprise business led by Lord Mawson. 

Organised by The Work-Wise Foundation, a non-profit, employer-led charity which develops awareness of STEAM subjects and employment opportunities for young people within South Yorkshire.  The event in November is free to attend and open to Year 8 and 9 pupils from schools across the region. 

John Barber, CEO of The Work-wise Foundation explains: “We have had a fantastic response from South Yorkshire schools and businesses to the North Star Science event.  We are now really excited about bringing science technology engineering, arts and maths to life for young people, who are set to have an unforgettable and potentially life changing experience!” 

The North Star student experience includes ‘hands-on’ interactive workshops which explore the different STEAM sectors in detail and the opportunity to meet employers and inspiring role models from science and industry.   

The event will see a broad range of speakers from a variety of organisations and businesses presenting to young people on exciting innovations and within their industry, the opportunities available and their own career stories. From apprentices through to company directors, the audience will be given a real insight into the world of work and the opportunities the region has to offer. These include: 

  • Professor Brian Cox CBE, Professor of Particular Physics at the University of Manchester 
  • Lord Andrew Mawson OBE, Executive Chair at Well North Enterprises 
  • Alex Gardner, Managing Director at Small Business Support 
  • Peter Droegmoeller, Director of Innovation at Ametek Land 
  • Ava Jones. Head of Marketing at Aesseal PLC 
  • Maisie Caudwell, Machinist Apprentice at Aesseal PLC 
  • Charlie-Amber Tattersall, Foundry Patternmaker at Weir Minerals 
  • Rosie McQuillan, Machinist at Weir Minerals 
  • Marie Cooper, Chief Executive Officer at CBE+ 
  • Katie Andrews, Marketing Executive at CBE+ 
  • Dr Simon Goodwill, Head of Sports Engineering at Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre 
  • Daisy Mulingani, Assistant Geologist at Ibstock PLC 
  • Emilia Wright, Process Improvement Engineering Apprentice at Ibstock PLC 
  • Isabella Walsh, Manufacturing Management Trainee at Ibstock PLC 

Some of the businesses have also been working with local schools over recent months to co-create and deliver some of the workshops on the day: 

  • AESSeal working in partnership with Wickersley School & Sports College 
  • Barratt Developments PLC working in partnership with Brinsworth Academy 
  • CBE+ working in partnership with Newfield Secondary School 
  • Forged Solutions Group working in partnership with Don Valley Oasis Academy 
  • Ibstock Plc working in partnership with Wales High School 
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority working in partnership with Sheffield Park Academy 

For the first time, the event will see an exciting celebratory evening event taking place which encourages businesses, educators, parents/guardians and some of those students participating to come together to celebrate the achievements of the North Star programme and help join the dots to better support young people.  

Professor Brian Cox CBE, Britain’s leading physicist and science communicator and Co-Founder of Science Summer School, says: “My congratulations to North Star Science School for this third annual STEAM celebration.   

“I am delighted students from across South Yorkshire will come together and discover that developing their interest in science can also help them to achieve an exciting career and fulfilling life.   My thanks to their teachers too for all their hard work in support of this aim.   We need scientists and engineers more than ever in these challenging times to help make a brighter future for everyone”.  


Lord Andrew Mawson OBE, co-founder of Science Summer School says: “Professor Cox and I started this project in an east London secondary school in 2012 and it is now running in various locations around the country including here in South Yorkshire very successfully.  


“We all know that knowledge is power but how best to utilise that power?  Our practical aim is to help connect the career pipeline between young people and the myriad of training and work opportunities across education, health and business available within local communities.  We believe this is the best way to create an enthusiastic workforce equipped with the right skills to help drive the UK forward which, in turn, makes this a better place for all to live”. 

North Star 2022 is made possible through support and funding provided by local businesses and authorities.  This year’s sponsors include: AESSeal, Ametek Land, AMRC, Barratt Developments PLC, CBE+, Forged Solutions Group, Gulliver’s Valley, Harworth Group, Ibstock Plc, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Sheffield City Council, UK Atomic Energy Authority, United Cast Bar (in collaboration with Cast Metals Federation). 

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The Work-wise Foundation  

Founded in 2011 as an employer-led initiative for engineering, manufacturing and other related sectors. The organisation supports the development of young people, so they have the knowledge, skills, aptitude and opportunities for employment within the Sheffield City Region.  

Through The Foundation, which became a registered charity in 2014, the private sector is practically and strategically taking the lead in helping to prepare young people for employment and careers. To achieve this, The Work-wise Foundation helps employers to establish links with young people, develop strategies and programmes and delivers training and practical guidance to make it happen.  


Now, annually the team delivers more than 10,000 work-related experiences for young people in South Yorkshire through a wide range of programmes. These include the Summer Academy, the Better Learners, Better Workers Cutlers' Engineering Ambassador Programme and its flagship event, Get up to Speed with STEM. [E7] 


Science Summer School 

The Science Summer School programme started life in 2012 in a failing east London secondary school.  It was co-founded by Professor Brian Cox CBE and Lord Andrew Mawson OBE following Andrew’s leadership in the regeneration of a street in Tower Hamlets in East London. This brought together a new £16m health centre, the £40m St Paul’s Way Trust School, 600 homes, a new primary school and two formerly warring communities into the first integrated campus of its kind in the country.   

St Paul’s Way Trust School has placed science at the heart of the school curriculum and a process of learning by doing is encouraged.  From being a school without a sixth form, the school saw 66% of sixth-form students progress to Elite Russell Group Universities in 2020. 

The Science Summer School has been a catalyst for change both in school, raising student aspiration and achievement, and in the local community illustrating the connective power of STEAM in bringing a joined up entrepreneurial approach to placemaking. 

As part of Professor Cox’s aim to 'make Britain the best place to do science and engineering' Well North Enterprises, led by Lord Mawson, is now delivering Science Summer School events nationally with local partners in Rotherham, Surrey and Northern Ireland.