CBE+ share why they continue to be a Gold Sponsor of Get up to Speed with STEM

How long has CBE+ been involved with Get up to Speed with STEM?

CBE+ is proud to have been a headline sponsor for the past 6 years.

How has getting involved benefitted CBE+?

At CBE+, we pride ourselves on our strong sense of corporate social responsibility and this is reflected by the initiatives we get involved in. We support ongoing projects in our communities to help improve them and do more.

Our team and apprentices love coming to Get up to Speed to meet young people, share their stories and showcase our business. The event not only allows us to engage with the future workforce but also give our own team the chance to give something back.

How does Get up to Speed with STEM benefit young people?

The event is hugely beneficial to young people, it gives them a hands-on, exciting preview of the world of work. It is fantastic to see so many companies involved, it is a great way to get the cogs turning in young people’s minds.

What is CBE+ planning for their stand in 2024?

Our team of engineers and apprentices are already brainstorming some exciting hands-on activities, watch this space!

How does CBE+ involve their staff in the event?

We involve staff at every level – from CEO to apprentices. Get up to Speed is their opportunity to shout about what they do and their career stories.

Why should other businesses attend Get up to Speed with STEM?

If a business is wanting to engage with the future workforce, give something back and showcase their business then this is the perfect event. There is no other day that allows you to see over 5000 young people and network with other businesses in the sector. Our staff love coming and everyone is always on a high after the event!

Why should young people attend Get up to Speed with STEM?

If you are considering a career in the STEM sector but don’t know where to start, this is a great opportunity to come and talk to people who were in your shoes and find out about all the different career paths, companies and opportunities that wait for you after education.