The Work-wise Foundation Delivers First Ever High Sheriff Award: 'Building a Better Future Together'

On Tuesday, February 20, The Work-wise Foundation welcomed around 100 students to Magna Science Adventure Centre for the first ever High Sheriff Award: 'Building a Better Future Together.'

Students hailing from various schools across South Yorkshire were tasked with envisioning and crafting innovative inventions aimed at advancing STEM-related development or creating new products with the potential to shape a brighter tomorrow.

The concept was developed and delivered by The Work-wise Foundation on behalf of the current High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, Professor Jaydip Ray DL. 

One teacher from a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) school shared heartfelt feedback, stating, "Our kids were like fish out of water, this is all very new to them, but they were all a foot taller on Wednesday. I know full well how much effort goes into these days and how much additional support you gave to us and our kids."

The event commenced with a unique opportunity for students to engage with professionals from the STEM sector, gaining insights into their career journeys, the companies they represent, and the opportunities available. Notable industry supporters included Cobra Sport, CPH2, Jenx, United Cast Bar, Ametek Land, Magna Trust, and Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd.

Immersive experiences awaited the students as they beheld the mesmerisng spectacle of the Big Melt at Magna, where the historic electric arc furnaces were brought to life through captivating light, sound, and special effects.

Following lunch, students delved into hands-on activities, bringing their innovative ideas to life using recyclable materials. Their creations were then presented to a panel of judges comprising esteemed figures from senior roles within the STEM sector. The winners will to be announced at Get up to Speed with STEM on 20 March 2024.

Professor Jaydip Ray, the esteemed High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, was in attendance for much of the day, engaging with students and contributing his expertise as a judge while evaluating their inventive entries.

Reflecting on the event, Janice Richardson, Co-founder & Senior Executive of The Work-wise Foundation, expressed, "We are immensely proud of the creativity and enthusiasm displayed by the participating students. The High Sheriff Award not only fosters innovation but also promotes inclusivity and empowerment, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to a better future.