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Attracting, Developing & Retaining Young Talent

We can help you connect with young people and help you open new opportunities to improve your business, increase your workforce and build on your current employees’ knowledge and experience.

Attracting Young Talent

School Engagement

We can help you learn how to engage with your local schools or even make the initial contact on your behalf allowing you to build your ties within your community.

Work-Wise For Employers - School Engagement

We offer a range of workshops varying in length that are tailored to your requirements and will help to prepare your employees for school engagement:

  • Be Prepared: Employer toolkit and workshop to help employers engage with schools to support and prepare young people for work and apprenticeships. Includes sample activities, policies, health, safety & safeguarding, work experience templates, and more
  • Be Safe: Safeguarding workshop providing practical and real-life examples to reassure employees how to provide safe, meaningful experiences to support young people understand and prepare for the world of work
  • Be Ready: Gain the essentials for develop a customised Young People Policy and plan for companies who actively participate in education, providing work experience and other work-related activities for children and young people
  • Be Impactful: Tools and frameworks to help employers design their impact measurement framework to report short, medium and long term engagement and investment in education. Useful for companies who report on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Events: Get up to Speed with STEM

An all-day event held at Magna Science Adventure Centre with local employers exhibiting how their industry relates to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The event gives employers the chance to engage with young people and showcase the opportunities available to the next generation within their company. A great platform to network with both young people and other business within the industry, bringing everyone together to promote and celebrate what our region has to offer.

Recruitment & Apprenticeships: Find your Match

Work-Wise Recruitment & Apprenticeships

For those who are new to the world of recruitment and apprenticeships we can provide tailored support and help you to create connections with local educators and schools enabling you to build links and grow your workforce with young people. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Setting up apprenticeship schemes
  • Introductions to local education providers
  • Help to recruit apprentices
  • Support in mentoring your apprentices and ensuring their success

Developing Your Business for Young Talent

Work-Wise Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

We can help you develop a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (CSR). CSR refers to the moral and ethical obligations of a company with regards to their employees, the environment, their competitors, the economy, and several other areas of life that its business affects. We can help you create a strategy bespoke to your business, helping to build your reputation and develop your current and future employees.

Apprentice Recruitment

Do you want to recruit apprentices but are unsure how to do so? We can help with every aspect of apprentice recruitment. From building a bespoke programme to putting you in touch with potential applicants and setting up links with local education providers.
Work-Wise Summer AcademyWork-Wise Summer Academy

Let us help you find your perfect match. We have access to a pool of young talented people who are ready to get into the world of work. We can help with:

  • Building apprenticeship programmes
  • Creating job adverts
  • Finding the right apprentice for your vacancies
  • Nurturing apprentices once you have them on board

All of this would be tailored to your individual business and its needs.

Bespoke Programmes

Wanting to design your own education programme but do not know where to start or do not have the resources and skills to put a programme together?
Work-wise Bespoke Programmes

The work-wise Foundation is happy to support you – just contact us for an initial no obligation conversation. Here are some examples of Bespoke Programmes developed in partnership with us:

  • AESSEAL Engineering for All
    We designed and delivered a 2 Day event on behalf of AEESEAL as part of their 40th Anniversary Celebrations. Opening their headquarters and introducing engineering to 160 young people (12-13), including 1 day dedicated to girls. The days involved hands on engineering challenges, company tours, presentations, competitions and a chance to meet with and talk to employees and education providers. Future similar days are planned to be delivered.
  • Gullivers Valley – GullyFest
    We designed and delivered a 5 month programme involving training Gullivers staff and engaging with local primary schools. Aimed at raising the profile of the leisure sector and the skills needed to work in it. Involving full day, whole school launch events showcasing different jobs in a fun an interactive way. Delivering a creative design and build project culminating in an interschools GullyFest showcase and competition day. Following a successful pilot involving 1,500 young people this has now been rolled out further.

Employers Together Forum

Join our relaunched “Employers Together Forum” delivered in partnership with Tomorrow’s Engineers – an employer-led forum to collaborate, share best practice, knowledge and ideas to attract, develop, retain and nurture young talent – helping build the future talent pipeline.
Work-Wise Summer AcademyWork-Wise Summer Academy

Joining our forum gives you exclusive access to:

  • Quarterly meetings with guest speakers and company tours
  • Shared knowledge, experience, and resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Practical self-help sessions
  • Access to the Tomorrow’s Engineers National Network.


We can provide an array of training programmes to help develop your current employees as mentors for young talent. This does not only help with apprentice retention, but also is a fantastic tool for developing employees and boosting morale.
Work-Wise Summer Academy

We currently offer the following programmes:

  • Indispensable Me: 1-day training course designed to help newly recruited young people develop essential employability skills; includes understanding self and others, communication skills, team building, importance of values and attributes for work. Follow on session to enhance skills, exploring and developing attributes to become Indispensable and invaluable employees. Self-assessment, reflection, action planning, enhanced communication, team building are all included giving your employees skills that will benefit them long-term.
  • Mentor Me: Designed for managers/supervisors who have responsibility for young workers/apprentices. An introduction to mentoring techniques, plus a workbook with helpful tools and advice. Includes an overview about the Apprenticeship framework.
  • Develop Me: Workshop/consultancy to map employee skill development opportunities against volunteering and education engagement opportunities, aligned to Appraisals and Personal Development Plans.

If the above is not what you are looking for, bespoke programmes can be created and delivered upon request.

  • Launch of Apprentice Coaching Programme
  • Regional Engineering Employers Driving the Skills Agenda and helping youngsters Get up to Speed
Inspiring skills and employability

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To find out how to support our growing network of talented young people, become a work-wise employer or how your school, students or family members can benefit from the programme, please click below.

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