Launch of Operation Vulcan – An Innovative Project for Primary and Secondary Schools

During Get up to Speed with STEM this week, The Work-wise Foundation have launched Operation Vulcan which is an innovative project for primary and secondary schools.

Seventy years ago, Britain led the world in aircraft design. The Avro Vulcan is the iconic example from that era of aerospace engineering at its world best. It has an impressive list of technical innovations includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft. The Vulcan delivered performance and agility much closer to a jet fighters than bombers.

The Vulcan to the Sky Trusts purpose is to preserve one of the few remaining Avro Vulcan aircraft, Vulcan XH558, in a purpose built facility in Doncaster. To demonstrate and display her to the public and to conserve and showcase engineering artefacts from the aircraft with significant heritage interest, including an original fuel tank and wing tips.

The new Vulcan XH558 museum will help people of all generations learn about and celebrate the history, innovation and engineering excellence of this iconic aircraft.

The Trust and partners are keen for young people to be involved in the design and display of some of the artefacts, making the visitor experience a positive, educational and enjoyable one.

We are inviting your school too play a part in designing the way artefacts are displayed and showcased in the new purpose built facility.


So, what is the challenge?

We are inviting Schools to enter teams in a competition to design a display stand and exhibition space that showcases an Original Fuel Tank from the Vulcan.

Schools and Teams will be supported by the The Work-wise Foundation and Vulcan to the Sky Trust throughout the challenge and the winning design will be created by CBE+ who are currently providing a home for the Fuel Tank until The Vulcan Experience is completed.

We are asking teams of students to design a display stand to support the fuel tank and allow the public to view all aspects of the tank and learn more about it.

The trust would also like to be able to use the display as a fund-raising tool by allowing individuals to have their name associated with and displayed with the fuel tank.

All final designs will be reviewed by a panel of judges from industry to produce a shortlist of six designs these will be further judged with each team being invited to present their design and discuss their idea.

The winning team will then be invited into CBE+ to develop the design into engineering drawings under the direction of a R&D Project Manager Engineer who will then take the students through the full process of taking their sketches to a fully functioning display stand for the fuel tank being displayed in the new Vulcan experience Hangar at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.


If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at [email protected]

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